[Cdt-l] Medical issues?

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 11:02:54 CDT 2008

Hello David,

The usual issues seem to occur on the CDT that can happen with Western outdoor pursuits in general

1) Dehydration
2) Sun exposure
3) Altitude sickness
4) GI Illnesses
5) The general aches and pains

I am not a trained medical person, so take this as advice as such:

1) Dehydration is probably nothing new for you in terms of prevention. Drink often, have the salt, too. Keep those electrolytes balanced. (Pringles for me. :D)

 2)  The UV radiation , esp at higher elevations, can be intense. Take proper sun protection (clothing and/or sunscreen) and cover those eyes with sunglasses that UVA/B protection.
3)  This one effects everyone differently. Cumbres Pass, at 10k feet, may prove to be difficult for you..or not.   I suspect if you did fine in the Sierra, you'll do fine there and beyond.. If you do get altitude sickness, go low.  Note that being hydrated can help.
4) GI Illness. Poor hygiene, more so than poor water, can cause "tummy troubles". Wash those hands. Treat water as you feel fit, too. 
5) Take your pain relief of choice... Ibuprofen for me...and maybe a beer in town. :)

These are just generalities and can vary depending if you specific allergies, medical emergencies (unknown heart condition?) or physical injuries crop up.

Good luck on your journey.

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