[Cdt-l] route planning--DeLorme Topo CD

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Fri May 2 14:56:03 CDT 2008

The DeLorme CD set is based on vector data - the maps are re-drawn each 
time you look at them, so fine details like a bend in a river or road 
will come out looking like jagged approximations when you zoom-in. 
They're good for general overviews, but not nearly as detailed as the NG 
maps for serious navigation. The NG maps are actual scans of the USGS 
quads, so they're much more detailed.


Garret Christensen wrote:
> Is anybody familiar with DeLorme's Topo USA software? (http://shop.delorme.com/OA_HTML/DELibeCCtdItemDetail.jsp?item=27525&section=10050)
> I'm looking to do some route planning and was planning to buy several states' worth of the Nat. Geo. Topo! CDs.  I'm familiar with the Nat. Geo. stuff, but since you get one state for the same cost as the entire US with the DeLorme, I assume that DeLorme isn't as detailed.  They both seem to say that they've got 1:24,000 scale maps, but I'm hoping somebody could verify my suspicion that the DeLorme will be more like their gazetteer maps and have huge useless contour intervals or something like that.
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