[Cdt-l] New set of Wolf Maps

Meredith Farmer meme98786 at yahoo.com
Thu May 8 12:07:51 CDT 2008

Hi there. I would like to post to the CDT-L archive regarding a set of Wolf Maps that I will no longer need: 

I have a brand new full set of the yellow James Wolf CDT maps that I would like to sell. I would preferably like to sell them as a set, but I am willing to break them up if someone would need it. Here are the versions of the maps that I have, including price: 

vol. 1: Northern Montana (01-0) $15.95  
vol. 2: Southern Montana and Idaho 
            Part 1 (32-0), Part 2 (42-8) $31.95  
vol. 3: Wyoming (03-7) $13.95  
vol. 4: Northern Colorado (04-5) $13.95    
vol. 5: Southern Colorado (35-5) $15.95  
vol. 6: Northern New Mexico (26-1) $15.95 
vol. 7: Southern New Mexico (07-X) $15.95 


vol. 3: Wyoming (33-9) $10.95    
vol. 4: Northern Colorado (24-X) $10.95

The maps are brand new, no markings, no highlighting, never really been out of the box. I can also send photos of the maps if you'd like. 

If you are interested, please email me at meme98786 at yahoo.com. 



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