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Liz Mares azlazorra1 at yahoo.com
Thu May 8 16:27:22 CDT 2008

Hi All,
  Thought I'd pass on a little info from our hike.  Water sources north:  On Jonathan Ley's NM41b, #1 tire and windmill were dry, we bypassed Sheridan Tank as we carried lots of water.  On map NM41a #5 bone dry.  The trail crews were out constructing new trail from the mouth of Thompson Canyon and following the foothills west northwest paralleling the dirt road that runs left from No. 5 windmill for about 4.5 miles (about 1-2 miles from SR 81).  The trail is then maked with CDT signs cross country to SR 81 just before mile marker 31 where there is a hikers entry and horse gate (UTM 12 R 0745401 3513855).   Crossing SR 81 the trail continues to be marked with CDT signs.  About halfway between SR 81 and Granite Pass, there is a a cattle pond just uphill to the right of the trail.  If you are desperate...It was about 200 yards SE of our camp at N 31.76604 W 108.42107,  look for a large brown tank.  Beware...there were lots of scorpions running around there at night.  
  On map NM40a, #1 well and tank were completely dry.  The CDT was rerouted east northeast from this well for a big loop around Old Hachita before swinging west northwest.  If you are going to Hachita, we'd recommend just going cross country from the well.  Hitchhiking is hard in this area as ranchers are wary of illegals.
  North of SR 9,  #9 we didn't check, #8 tire water good, #1 dry, #2 tire water good, #3 tire water good, #4 dry.  When you arrive at SR 113, there is a good tire water up the road to your right at the Continental Divide Sign approx. 1/2 mile north.  We then followed CDT signs up to the dirt road east of the Bertoglio-Merrell Ranch but decided not to continue on this new reroute north as we were unsure of water sources.  We went west on this dirt road to a cattle guard  and a No Trespassing Sign just east of the ranch.  We tried to call the ranch for permission to stay on the road (505-436-2544) but didn't have cell reception.  We ended up following the fence line south for a mile before we found some flagging.  We climbed the fence and went cross country to NM39e #1 tire well with good water, N32.10024 W 108.59720.  #2 and #3 were dry.  We were (ummm)  misplaced after that and found water at UTM 12 S 0717680 3556283.  We then went cross country to Red Windmill which had
 great water.  NM39d #2 had good water.  The next water we had was from Last Chance Well, NM39c, but it tasted pretty bad. We followed more CDT signs then flagging until that disappeared near a gated road.  We went through the gate and made a right at the next intersection which took us right into Lordsburg.  We were very happy to arrive in Lordsburg!  We met some other hikers that day, Paul and Cookie, later Rambler and Pinball Wizard.  
  I had developed some foot problems and will jump up to Silver City to seek help while Gottago will test her navigation skills alone for the next three days.  We've had a lot of practice in the last week.  I'm sure she will do great!
  Our advice is to catche water if you plan to do this route.  It's been beautiful but hot, up to 97 degrees.  One more bit of advice...don't follow our footprints!  Ha-Ha.
  ~~La Zorra~~      

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