[Cdt-l] hairy south of glacier?

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You did not mention dates.? Last year Gutsy and I started south
at Chief Indian trailhead on July 2 or 3 and did not need ice axes
to Macdonald Pass.? This year we will head south from Macdonald 
Pass on about the same date.? We have been told that ice axes probably 
will not be needed, even though snow levels are higher this year.

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Subject: [Cdt-l] hairy south of glacier?
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? I was curious if there where spots south of Glacier
for sobos that where spooky where other sobos wish
they had a ice axe.? I am trying to determine if
sending it home at e glacier made sense.? However I am
not to familiar with the terrain south of e glacier
and weather there are more passes or snowfields that
where sketchy enough to make one want a axe south of

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