[Cdt-l] Wyoming Maps 36, 37

Jeff Braun jbraun at vizsolutions.com
Fri May 16 00:17:33 CDT 2008


I was reviewing some Wyoming maps and noted some changes for maps 36 
and 37 south of Rawlins.

Map 36 - Your number 3 mentions that the route might follow Road 3301 
in this area. The route is entirely cross country for 3.4 miles from 
road at 7199 to Bridger Pass road. Last summer it was temporarily 
marked with green steel posts. Some post had already fallen over and 
I expect some others may have fallen over the winter. The BLM was/is 
suppose to replace them with the (dark brown?) carsonite markers. I 
think Jim put my description for 8 miles of this new segment in the 
February Dividends issue. I can't find my copy right now to confirm 
it. The first 7.2 miles are described in the guidebook.

Map 37 - If number 5 marks the spring I mentioned to you, then it is 
located too far north. There is a very good fenced spring about 1/3 
mile NNW from Bridger Pass, on the section line between sections 5 and 8.


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