[Cdt-l] logistical help -- New Mexico

Brill Stephen stephenbrill at yahoo.com
Sat May 17 13:32:17 CDT 2008

Hello all,

I'd like to get on the CDT in New Mexico hiking from
Grants to Pie Town (or Pie Town to Grants) starting
the first week in June.  The problem is the logistics.
 I want to be able to park my car at the end of the
hike, then somehow get to the start and then walk back
to my car.  The problem is how to get to the start. 
If it was only me, I would have no problem hitching,
but I'll be with my 9-year-old son, and I don't feel
comfortable with the idea of hitching with him.  If
anyone has any suggestions or, even better, can offer
a ride to make this happen, I'd be grateful if you
contacted me.

Thanks much,

-- Steve (Moondancer)


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