[Cdt-l] Guidebook Update

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 18:25:55 CDT 2008

Sounds like Boston and Cubby are having quite a halcion time of it out 
there! Somebody pass the peyote...

Jim Wolf wrote:
> Thanks to Boston and Cubby for this update from Ghost Ranch:
> It is 0.54 miles from our tent to the dining hall over the "Mesa" which 
> includes a 75 foot ascent and 70 foot descent.
> If this were to be described in Wolf's guide book, it would go something 
> like this: "From the tent, follow gravel road at contour. At 0.1m come 
> to a fork. Take the ascending left fork with better tread. Top out at 
> 0.35m from which you will have 360 degree views of Ghost Ranch. Notice 
> the robins and Walkingstick-Cholla cacti. This would be a great place 
> for camping if it were not for the lack of water. Descend down the 
> single-track Canada del Switchbacks to 0.45 where you will go through a 
> gap between two adobe structures. From the gap you will have a view of 
> the dining hall, 0.54 miles."
> Of course, this isn't truly accurate, if Wolf had written it, it would 
> be in southbound order and all northbounders would have to interpret it 
> backwards.
> ____
> Please keep sending in your observations (they needn't be quite this 
> detailed) -- but we reserve the right to edit them. GPS coordinates for 
> important junctions, etc. would be helpful, too.
> P.S. I'm looking forward to spending some time on the CDT in June and 
> July -- so if anyone wishes to obtain guidebooks, maps, etc., please try 
> to place your order by June 10.
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