[Cdt-l] Wyoming Maps 36, 37

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Tue May 20 21:52:07 CDT 2008


Thanks... I'll keep this on file for 2009. I'm not sure where I got note 
5 on WY37... I see the other spring you're talking about...


Jeff Braun wrote:
> Jonathan,
> I was reviewing some Wyoming maps and noted some changes for maps 36 
> and 37 south of Rawlins.
> Map 36 - Your number 3 mentions that the route might follow Road 3301 
> in this area. The route is entirely cross country for 3.4 miles from 
> road at 7199 to Bridger Pass road. Last summer it was temporarily 
> marked with green steel posts. Some post had already fallen over and I 
> expect some others may have fallen over the winter. The BLM was/is 
> suppose to replace them with the (dark brown?) carsonite markers. I 
> think Jim put my description for 8 miles of this new segment in the 
> February Dividends issue. I can't find my copy right now to confirm 
> it. The first 7.2 miles are described in the guidebook.
> Map 37 - If number 5 marks the spring I mentioned to you, then it is 
> located too far north. There is a very good fenced spring about 1/3 
> mile NNW from Bridger Pass, on the section line between sections 5 and 8.
> Jeff

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