[Cdt-l] CDT navigation

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 15:43:22 CDT 2008


Declination is going to vary on the CDT depending on your position.

Some rough ball park figures is that  from New Mex to MT/ID is ~10deg,  MT/ID is ~15 Deg.

If you want more precise declination, try this website:

For most navigation purposes, a degree or two (or even three) should not matter on the CDT.

Jonathan's Ley maps have GPS information in it; from there it is reasonably easy to extrapolate GPS coords for his mapped routes of the CDT. 

I do not know of any waypoints preset that are on a website. Past CDT hikers may have theirs available and be willing to share for their route.

Hope this helps.

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