[Cdt-l] mailbox drops

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Wed May 21 20:41:49 CDT 2008

I'm not sure if the list got copied. Anyway, Doobie had a stroke of 
genius and actually checked the website. Who'd have thought to do 
that??? Isn't it more fun to just throw wild guesses out there, based on 
something you think you heard 4 years ago? ;-)

> i just checked the website and it says 30 days
> www.usps.com
> see ya sobo
> Doobie
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>> I think officially it's like 2 weeks, but they'll usually hold them much
>> longer. I know a lot of people rely on them holding packages ~3 months
>> or more... I think it kind of depends on how busy the particular PO is.
>> Someone else might know more official specifics...
>> -Jonathan
>> andy.hiker at ntlworld.com wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> Just wondering if someone could tell me how long a Post office will 
>>> hold a supply parcel for? I just need to work out the earliest I can 
>>> send them off. (I am in the UK and hopefully going for a sobo) 
>>> Thanks for help on this
>>> Regards
>>> Andy
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