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Josh - 
This doesn't compute.  If a hiker is on the trail in the bootheel (i.e. - south of Lordsburg), then they 
are, by definition, on BLM or state land. The trail route, as defined, was designated specifically to 
be only on public land.  Refer to the land usage maps on the website.  
Also - having water caches out on the trail "later in the summer" is pretty useless.  The NOBO thruhikers 
have already passed through that area.  The SOBO thruhikers rarely, if ever, need the caches.  If BLM  
wants to put out water caches, it needs to be done prior to mid-April for the NOBOs.  
Hmmm - anyone who "needs" water caches to safely make this hike has no business being on the trail.  
They lack the requisite skills and information to be out there.  There are a lot of wells and windmills 
and water tanks along the trail, especially in the bootheel.  Yes, it may be necessary to carry water 
for a distance - but that's part of both the desert experience and long distance hiking.  If you (CDTA - 
or BLM) know that certain wells are shut off and unusable, then let the community know so they can 
adjust, but there should be enough sources along the way to allow hikers to fill up regularly. 
I absolutely agree that hikers should respect private property.  That's common courtesy.  Some years 
ago there was an incident of hikers entering a house uninvited.  That was unconscionable - among 
other words.   
Walk softly,

Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 12:19:43 -0600From: Josh at cdtrail.orgTo: cdt-l at backcountry.netSubject: [Cdt-l] Reminder to New Mexico CDT users

Please do not approach ranch homes for any reason. Frequent trespass by both hikers and illegal aliens have local ranchers and landowners in an aggravated state, and our BLM contacts advise us that further complaints from local landowners could lead to trail closures south of Lordsburg. Please use the information provided on the new BLM website below to avoid trespassing on private property. The BLM is placing water cache boxes every 10-12 miles along the official route from the Southern Terminus to Lordsburg and plans to have these in place later this summer. While water cache boxes and other solutions are being put in place, caching water is the only way to safely make this hike. Contact the local BLM office at 575-525-4300 for recommended locations. The BLM and CDTA are working to establish the groundwork for a CDNST-friendly trail community in Southern New Mexico and local landowners are key to these efforts. Please respect the rights of private property owners along the Trail.http://www.blm.gov/nm/st/en/prog/recreation/continental_divide_nst.htmlJosh ShuskoCommunications CoordinatorContinental Divide Trail AlliancePO Box 628Pine, CO 80470Phone: (303) 838-3760Fax: (303) 838-3960http://www.cdtrail.org
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