[Cdt-l] Water and other info from Columbus to Deming

Neal Leavitt leavittn at gmail.com
Tue May 27 11:24:51 CDT 2008

Hello All,

I took the bus Heesoo mentioned from Columbus to Deming...the bus does
indeed go to the border...the Family Dollar is less then a minute away from
"The Wall"...

Stayed at Martha Skinner's B and B  in Columbus.  Martha and Javier are
great to talk with...they also confirmed that Bill Otwell and Carol Nemec
are still willing to let hikers use their house for water.  This was good
information to have since I probably would not have entered the house based
on its signs ("no trespassing," "beware of dog" etc.) and the fact that I
had no previous contact with them.  There is a dog -a yellow lab- but it is
old, wise and friendly.

I mostly followed Jim's route from Columbus to the Tres Hermanas. A very
large school is being constructed at the end of Altura street.  As a
consequence, Altura street intersects with the jeep track towards the Tres
Hermanas. (This means It is now possible to cut off the stretch to Pajaro

After finishing the stretch from the Tres Hermanas to Highway 11, I was able
to get water from Ben and Carol's.  If you are in any doubt about the house,
look for the animal bed and breakfast sign; in my opinion, a sign like this
is a sign of friendly people.

I decided to take the alternate route around the southeast base of the
Florida Mountains instead of climbing.  After passing the windwill just off
of highway 11 (I didn't check but it must have had water; cows were
everywhere) I did easy cross country to the jeep track on the east side of
the mountains.  In the guidebook, Jim mentions a solar power well...I did
find a solar powered well with water in it but this well was not at the base
of Copper Kettle Canyon.  Instead, the well I found was more on the east
side of the Florida  mountains, a little after the jeep track turns
north...I don't have a GPS so I can't give exact coordinates, but it had
good water and was clearly visible.

Finally, there was water at the Blue Water Well, the White Dome Well, and
Rockhound state park.

For me, this was a great hike: warm but not to hot, with NO DUST and cooling

Okay, that's all for now..

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