[Cdt-l] Planning Alert: Miner Creek to Goldstone Pass (Big Hole Section 4)

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Tue May 27 16:04:22 CDT 2008

The Forest Service has released its long-awaited environmental 
assessment for relocation of the CDT between Miner Creek and Goldstone 
Pass (along the Montana-Idaho boundary). As described in the guidebook, 
the current route is 25.2 miles in length; the routes discussed in the 
EA are from 20.1 to 21.8 miles long.

An unsatisfactory option (Alternative 4) is the Service's currently 
preferred alternative, though they say they are not "locked in" on it. 
Alternative 4 would allow motorcycle use (and other motorized vehicles 
at some places) on 8 miles of the CDT -- primarily, Miner Creek to Berry 
Creek, and the existing primitive road to Jahnke Lake.

Alternative 4 is worse even than the action proposed by the Forest 
Service in 2004, which would have allowed motorized vehicles on 5.4 
miles. Alternatives 3, 5, and 6 are almost entirely roadless options 
(differing, primarily, on the issue whether or not to route via Pioneer 
Lake or Jahnke Lake).

The Society will comment on the EA. We welcome list members' comments 
and suggestions, either posted here or in e-mails directly to us.

To request a copy of the EA, contact the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National 
Forest Supervisor's Office, 420 Barrett, Dillon MT 59725 -- telephone 
(406) 683-3900, or email: cmartin at fs.fed.us. The comment period extends 
to the 30th day following publication of legal notice. (The publication 
date is expected to be May 29.) Written comments should be sent to 
Noelle Meier, BDNF, 420 Barrett, Dillon MT 59725, Subject: CDNST: 
Miner-Berry-Goldstone. Those wishing to comment by telephone should 
contact Noelle at (406) 683-3932, or by fax at (406) 683-3855.

Continental Divide Trail Society
Jim Wolf, Director

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