[Cdt-l] crazy cook map

CicelyB250 at aol.com CicelyB250 at aol.com
Wed Nov 19 09:14:46 CST 2008

I just answered the question about a New Mexico time start and remembered  
that I have a terrific BLM map of the area showing the CDT from Crazy Cook past  
Lordsburg.  After my husband dropped Sunset, Tru and myself off at the  
monument 4/13/08, he got wonderfully lost and took 4 hours to find his way back  to 
the main road!  If he'd only looked about the car, he would have found  Tru's 
map of the area.  If it would be of any use to someone, send me your  address 
and I will mail it to you.  CicelyB.  
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