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Jim and/or Ginny Owen spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 27 18:09:12 CST 2008

This 6’4” dude was chasing me down the hall with a machete in one hand and a chain 
saw in the other.  When he caught me, he took out my left knee and left behind this hunk 
of titanium.  Dang – I’ve been assimilated – I’m a Borg.  
OK – for those who aren’t Trekkies – 
Ten days ago the surgeon gave me a new left knee – and a five day vacation in a hospital.  
Got “home” (such as it is) last Friday – along with a 9” scar, a walker and a handful of 
Percocet to throw at the truckful of pain that came with the package.  
So now life is kinda limited for a while – but the bottom line on all this is I’m really, 
really thankful – 
-         that we’ve gotten to a time and place where knee replacement is possible
-          that there are people (surgeons) who can do the surgery with minimum pain and problems (that wasn’t true 20 years ago)  
-         and that by next summer, I’ll be hiking again. 
I’m also thankful for friends and family who care, for a wife who puts up with me and for 
the health that will again allow me to hike.  There’s more – so much more, that we should 
all be thankful for – but let’s not get hoggish about this – gotta let someone else be 
thankful for some things.  
Hope y’all had a good Turkey day – and that you’ll have a great Christmas season,
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