[Cdt-l] CDT Route Choices

Andrew P. Brown BROWNANP at student.gvsu.edu
Tue Oct 21 02:33:28 CDT 2008

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the opinions about the stoves.  Good stuff to mull over while I get ready for the coming hike.

I have a few more questions about route choices, if any former CDT hikers would be so kind as to opine.

1.) What is the optimal months for hiking the San Juans?  I will be hiking Northbound this year and will make arrive there in early June.  For the NOBO hikers, what was your experience in traveling the San Juans (if you did, or did not)?

What are the pros/cons of these route options.
2.)  Ferris Mountains vs. Great Divide
3.)  Henry Lakes vs. Macks Inn Route

Thanks again.


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