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I signed and sent the letter.  I hope we can make a difference.

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Hi All,

Sly is right on with his thread on the Heritage Forests Campaign.  

I would recommend signing on as someone that wants the CDT to remain wild and intact.

Roadless Areas are 1 step below Wilderness Areas and if the Bush Administration is allowed to get rid of the 2001
Roadless Rule, it could directly impact a CDT'ers hiking experience in the form of more roads & more logging on or
near the trail, and more oil & gas drilling projects in these areas.

And just for a little background info . . . The Heritage Forests Campaign (HFC) is an alliance of conservationists,
wildlife advocates, clergy, educators, scientists, and other Americans working together to uphold protection 
of our National Forests.  HFC has 30+ partner organizations including the Colorado Environmental Coalition (CEC).
And for the sake of full disclosure, I work as a Conservation Analyst for a non-profit here in Crested Butte and
we are partnered with CEC.

Bottom line, if the 2001 Roadless Rule is overturned by the Bush Administration the CDT could end up looking a bit
different in the near future.  It might not hurt to write your Senators and Congressman either.  You can find snail
mail and e-mail addresses for your Senators and Representatives here:


Happy Trails,


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