[Cdt-l] this fall in Colorado - which direction?

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 4 14:02:41 CDT 2008

 Fall in Colorado can be a wonderful time to hike:
Crisp weather, less people,  golden aspen. I love it!

Having said that, there is ALWAYS the chance of a snow storm this time of the year, and sometimes winter can come early (CDT 06 SoBo anyone? :D).

Starting at Silverthorne (or Breck if doing the CDTA route) makes it really easy to get there in terms of transportation from the Airport. Grab a shuttle of Frisco, take a FREE summit stage bus to the start of the trail. Easy peasy..mac n Cheesy.

Hike south, pray for good weather in the San Juans. Hitch to Durango from where ever you end up (If in Pagosa Springs, Chama or even Silverton, not too hard) and catch the Greyhound in Durango back to Denver.

That's what I'd do. 

Again, there is a chance of bad weather. If you are in heart of the San Juans, a bit harder to bail.

If you hike from Steamboat south, more chances of bailing if the weather is bad. IMO, though, until you hit the Grand Lake area, the scenery is not the best though. It is not bad (other than the roadwalk near Rabbit Ears pass!), but it is not as dramatic near Grand Lake and points south.

Good luck!

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