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Marcia's tried and proven way of preventing blisters is to rub anti-fungal on your feet a couple times a day. We like to vary brands to get different  fungal treatments.

The anti-fungals have 2 benefits we have noticed - First they have some pain killing function that just makes the feet feel better really quick; Second they toughen the skin after a couple of days of use. It must be hard to form blisters on cardboard-like skin. A side effect of the tough skin is that you need to be careful of splitting heal skin. I don't have that problem, but Marcia does.

Good Luck.


BTW my spell checker wants to change fungal to fun gals. I can't get away from that spam anywhere.
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  You didn't specify whether the blisters are a recurring problem for you, or if they're specific to the particular shoe you mentioned. General tips on blister prevention are readily available online. Otherwise, sometimes the best way forward may be to regress! Or to try to find something currently on the market that most closely resembles your last footwear success story. 

  Shoe weight is not the only factor to consider, of course, and never mind how popular this or that shoe may currently be among the l-d hiking community. Ultimately, only you can determine what works best for you, and that will take trial and error, and a willingness to take an active, self-diagnostic role in the process.

  Good luck...!

  dan kayser wrote: 
    I am soliciting information regarding hiking shoes/boots.  I know everyones feet are different and I thought I had found a good hiking shoe in the Invo 8 flyrock 310 but blisters galore!  Blisters on the bottom of my feet (both).  So any advise or recommendations would be helpful.  I am now looking at the Montrail Hardrock or different inserts?



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