[Cdt-l] Shoes

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 12 13:37:37 CDT 2008

 As others have mentioned, there is no one silver bullet for the perfect shoe.

I've had great luck with Montrail Hardrocks (pre-Columbia version, the first Columbia batch, currently using the 2008 Columbia Hardrocks. I'll have to post a review after this weekend) and have used them withe generic grocery store gel insoles. I've tried the more expensive brands..the cheap brand actually worked better..FOR ME. :)

I'd try two or three different types of shoes and insert combo before your hike . Get in 50-100 miles each on them.

A little expensive this way..but so is starting a thru-hike and having to get off due to foot problems. :O

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