[Cdt-l] Backcountry Permits in Glacer; Imposter on the CDT, Heads Up!

Bruce L. Nelson buck at bucktrack.com
Thu Sep 18 09:01:07 CDT 2008

		Hi Folks,

I talked to a friend who is handling my food drops and the like, and she had received a call from Beverly at Benchmark. Seems that shortly after I picked up my Benchmark food drop, a fellow came in claiming to be me and offering to show ID, and asking for his package! I'd say he was about 5' 7", with a big diagonal scar on his face, and packing bear spray on one hip and a big pistol on the other.

He is, at best, trying to be a thief, so beware. I had ran into him not far out of Benchmark. He said he was hiking the CDT from Highway 2 and heading south.

Also, yesterday I made it to Two Medicine and the Ranger station was closed. A sign said backcountry permits were available in West Glacier or St. Mary's, so call ahead! I believe the phone number is 1-406-888-7587

I'm now in East Glacier and in the midst of many kind people, as usual. I hope to finish the trail on about the 25th.

Best of luck, all!



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