[Cdt-l] Keep Me Connected, part 1

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 13:01:46 CDT 2008

Some of you may remember my Culture of Connectivity  (http://snipurl.com/3risz )  essay that started on via e-mail exchanges on this various  lists.

Well, Steve Sergeant of WildeBeat saw the essay liked it enough where
he had me read my essay and ask some questions. He also spoke to Derek
Moore of SPOT along with two wilderness managers of national parks. 

Anyway, here is part one of two of anyone is interested. Part two will be next week.

As mentioned in my essay, this is becoming more and more a topic that is discussed in our community. Just how much do we want to be connected? And how much will this connectivity impact upon not just the wilderness experience but the WILDness experience?


In part one of this wild places program, Assistant Producer Kate
Taylor presents the pros and cons of using communication devices in the
back-country, a topic that has sparked controversy among outdoor

 Blogger Paul Magnanti shares an essay he wrote about the issue, and Derek Moore from SPOT LLC comments on his company's device, the SPOT Satellite Messenger. Gregg
Fauth and Laurel Boyers, both wilderness managers of national parks,
tell how communication technology has changed the wilderness experience.

To read Paul's essay and about his outdoor experiences, titled The Changing Culture of Connectivity, visit his blogsite at PMags.com.
Next week, in part 2,
we'll hear more from Gregg Fauth and Paul Magnanti, and find out what
types of situations warrant the use of communication devices in the

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