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I hiked from the Cliff Dwellings to Snow Lake and back via the Jim Wolf route.  I did this in early to mid June of 2008.  Slow going sometimes finding the trail after a ford, a few sections of overgrowth and with the crossings miles were slow but I did it.  Not sure if any thing has changed in the few months since i've been there.  Miles seemed a little harder than usual and were slower but it was totally hikeable at that time.

Anitra I. Kass 

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The lower Gila (south of the cliff dwellings) is mostly a bushwhack these days... there are remnants of trail here & there, I'm told. But, it is an amazing place, so not all bad - just depends on what you're expecting. The Middle Fork ought to be ok. I'd say don't take my word as the final word, but also, don't necessarily listen to the local rangers 100% either; they tend to have a default attitude warning people away if there is any hint of trail damage. 



I plan to hike from Silver City to Pie Town as a section hiker on the CDT starting next week.
Does anyone know of  the current conditions of the route in the Lower Gila River and the Middle
Fork of the Gila River ?  I would welcome a hiking partner and possible car shuttle arrangement.
Karl Hunsicker (Leapfrog)
kthunsicker at verizon.net
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