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Karen Somers kborski at yahoo.com
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Quiz was fun - I scored a 59% which was surprising since I felt challenged without any overseas hikes under my belt.  But I had a few of the strange ones, such as having published a hiking guide and walked more than a 1,000 miles in the desert.  Also, add just a little mountain climbing  to your experiences list and you get to check off several.  A few questions seemed to score you higher points for demonstrating stupidity, like owning more than 3 sleeping bags and getting severe hypothermia/frostbite/dehydration (and yes, I can claim all of this myself)!


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Thanks everyone for taking the time to take the quiz and give some feedback.
I'm reading all feedback.  Interesting observation:  AT hikers mostly flamed it and said it was stupid, ridiculous, dumb, no judge of hiking ability, etc.
But CDT hikers mostly had positive things to say.   
Unfortunately I cannot make changes to the quiz.  AFter reading much of the feedback i would take out a few of the international things and perhaps add a college course in cartography, maybe some fording skill questions???
The gender question, frostbite/hypothermia question, and how close you've been to a bear/moose/elk were sort or trick questions with no point value.    (just wanted to get people thinking)

I like the website that made the opportunity possible    http://gotoquiz.com/    and think there is room there for perhaps a CDT or PCT and also AT hiking quiz that could be more specific to that trail.   Don't know if I'll have time to make them up but perhaps someone here will.   I'd be glad to see your questions/priorities in your determination of what experience brings you in  hiking skills.

Thanks again folks.   Very different feedback for sure.    Have fun all those that are lucky enough to be doing a long hike on the CDT this year. 
And if anyone gets over to Thailand (where i now live)  please look me up and come join me on a hiking trail i've been designing here on the island of Phuket.   (35 miles done so far and i'm about half finished)   It is jungle hiking, very hot but very scenic also.   There are some links to parts of it on my blog which is on the link at my first post on this subject.   fiddlehead

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Scored 56. 
Seems like I got lots of extra points (too many?) for being old and for hiking in the Himalayas. I'd guess my true hiking skill similar to those in the 40's.  Funny question on frostbite and hypothermia -- does getting points for those make sense?

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