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In a future question, maybe you should include:  "when coming down out  of 
the wilderness and you hit a trail head and find a bag of garbage": do you A)  
walk right by, B) take it with you to dispose of properly C) dig through it and 
 eat anything that possibly is or was once food and then set what's left on 
the  hood of the nearby parked car so they have to take it away.  CicelyB
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I had  that question in there (about actually having a "combat" self arrest) 
and i  took it out because one of my friends pointed out that good ice ax 
technique  often prevents the fall and need to self arrest as well as chopping 
steps  sometimes, etc.   So, i agree that sometimes, a fall is not a good  judge 
of whether you are experienced or not.  

As to some other  things people pointed out, the question on 
frostbite/hypothermia/dehydration  was actually changed at the end to no point value because, 
although possibly  only some extreme conditions could warrant the problem even 
happening, good  hikers would not let themselves get to those extremes.   So, 
i kept  the question in there, as food for thought, but made it zero points 
either  way.

What else?  I think owning 3 sleeping bags is a show of an  experienced 
outdoors person.   I have a 35 deg,  20 deg.  ,  0 deg. and minus 35 deg (which 
i've only slept in twice but was glad  for it when i did) bags.    But then, as 
many have mentioned,  perhaps i have biased the quiz to what I have done and 
have and yes, i think  things like: hiking long trails in other countries 
exposes one to many  different situations that help in the long run, or, using map 
scales that are  unorthodox in America teach one to make your own templates or 
scale legends  "on the fly", etc. etc. etc.  

So many different things get  learned as we hike.   Many have no importance 
until you get into a  particular situation.   I got flamed enough for, believe 
it or not,  even the magnetic deviation question, on the AT forum to know that 
no matter  what questions you put out there, somebodies going to find fault 
with  them.     But that's Ok, we are a diverse  group.    But FOR SURE, i am 
getting the best  feedback/advice/possible changes/other questions of 
importance, from THIS  CDT-l forum.  

Thanks again,  everyone.       fiddlehead

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I was amazed, I got a 58.  Wow, all those  years boppin' around the mountains 
must have had some effect.  You didn't  ask whether the hiker had actually 
used a self-arrest. (Oh yeah!)  You  could also have asked what their pack base 
weight is now, compared to years  ago.  Another good question is whether 
they've ever slept out below 40  degrees without any gear?   
This was fun.   Thanks.

Stone Dancer

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 Hello, my first post under my new login  (forgot my password for the old  

I hiked the CDT many years ago.  
I have made up a quiz  which is basically my thoughts on what is important 
(or not) in learning or  honing hiking skills.

I put it out on the AT forum and got flamed  pretty hard by some of the 
newbie's there.

I would like to put it on  this forum and see if there is any difference in 
the attitudes towards it,  scores (if you care to post your results), and any 
Feel free to say what you think.  I'm a big boy and can take  it.

Here is the link to my blog and the quiz:    

thanks  everyone, fiddlehead

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