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Sun Apr 12 06:03:53 CDT 2009

In what way are you tabulating results? I got 29%. Would be nice to be on the trail more.

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  Hello, my first post under my new login  (forgot my password for the old one)

  I hiked the CDT many years ago.  
  I have made up a quiz which is basically my thoughts on what is important (or not) in learning or honing hiking skills.

  I put it out on the AT forum and got flamed pretty hard by some of the newbie's there.

  I would like to put it on this forum and see if there is any difference in the attitudes towards it, scores (if you care to post your results), and any comments.    
  Feel free to say what you think.  I'm a big boy and can take it.

  Here is the link to my blog and the quiz:   http://fiddlehead.wordpress.com/2009/03/30/rate-your-hiking-ability/

  thanks everyone, fiddlehead


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