[Cdt-l] A couple notes on the Columbus Route

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Sun Apr 12 12:23:33 CDT 2009

Water has been much easier than I thought it would be.  Taylor and I haven't
had to drink any "green" water yet and we are at Emory Pass on the Trail.

We have had good, clear water from stock tanks or good windmill or solar
well water.  I have been carrying mostly 4 to 5 liters between water supply
and have always walked in with an extra liter to spare.
Taylor does great with about 1 to 2 liters of water less than me.

White Dome Well, about 10 miles south of Rockhound State Park, was bone dry.
(South of Deming)

I found an ice axe near Berrenda Creek.  Email me if you lost one.

The Wolf Guidebook says there is intermitent water in Berrenda Creek.  There
is, but it wasn't flowing and didn't look inviting.  There was also a dead
fox in the creek about half way up the canyon.

I found a much better water supply that neither Ley or Wolf mentions.  A
solar well with access in the top of the holding tank to lots of cool, fresh

It would be on Ley's Columbus 04 map, just north of  F. Latham Ranch where
the new, higher gravel road, that replaced the washed out lower gravel road,
does the sharp u-turn back towards that lower washed out road.  Maybe 100
yards off Trail.

In Wolf's Southern New Mexico guidebook, page 71, that good solar well would
be on your right for a nobo, right where Wolf describes the u-turn near
Schoolhouse Mountain.

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