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Mary and I have had a lot more people this spring  hiking north from the 
Mexican border (Columbus route) and more to come - we are  angels because we 
like the thru hikers and enjoy helping people - we have been  told by some 
old time hikers (won't mention any names here) that being an angel  shouldn't 
cost us money - we don't mind providing what we have - like the  computer, 
laundry, shower, a place to cook, and a place to sleep inside,  and Mary's 
and my great company LOL - we drive people to the  border (80 miles round 
trip) - we see people 2 times (unlike any other  angels)  - once when they get 
into town and we pick them up at the bus  station - if they get into town on 
the 9:30 AM bus we have them to the border by  1:00 PM due to them getting 
everything packed up and showered after many hours  on the Greyhound bus 
(yuck) - if they get in on the 6:30 PM bus we eat out, they  shower and then 
spend the night with me getting them to the border by 11:00  AM (I'm not a 
morning person) - and then we see them 2.5 - 4 days later heading  north - some 
of the questions I have are: should I have a set price for  driving people 
to the border (the bus line mentioned here only goes south 2  times a day - 
one early morning and one late afternoon) like Sam Hughes does  over in 
Hatchita? some of the hikers have suggested a "donation" box in the  bedroom - 
what do you think? I want your thoughts on this since we are here to  help YOU 
- I hate getting into the $$'s aspects of all this but we are new  angels - 
I don't want this to sound like I'm complaining - I'm not - we really  do 
enjoy meeting all of you and helping you as much as we can - I want to help  
for years to come
our house is on the new trail maps - after you come  through the Florida 
Gap you get on hiway 143 heading straight north to hiway 549  turning left 
there - you head west (left) about 2.5 miles to our place - if  we're not home 
since we had something come up go back across the street to the  winery and 
call me at 494 - 4357 - the winery has agreed to let you use the  phone to 
call me - enjoy some samples of wine while you're there - they just  came in 
1st place against 4000 other entries in an international competition -  the 
old way was to go down rockhound road to country club road and into town 
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels Columbus route 
Deming, NM
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