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Dear Angels;
We love you.  I have met many of you and I try not to let you see  the 
tears of joy in my eyes when we meet.  You have feed me. Washed my  clothes.  
Tended me when ill. Provided me with shelter. Yes it will cost  you money.  
Some of us have it and would gladly pay.  Some of us don't  have the money or 
are too new/young to the trail to know to pay you.   Hopefully you will find 
joy with dealing with all of us .A quiet jar in the  corner may help.  If 
nothing, you may find a some money left on your  kitchen table.  We hikers 
embrace the solitude of the trail, but you bring  us so much help.  I hope you 
find  joy in meeting us.  Thank  you.  cicelyb
In a message dated 4/17/2009 7:50:03 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
KS1007 at aol.com writes:
Mary and I have had a lot more people this spring  hiking north from the 
Mexican border (Columbus route) and more to come - we  are angels because we 
like the thru hikers and enjoy helping people - we have  been told by some 
old time hikers (won't mention any names here) that being an  angel shouldn't 
cost us money - we don't mind providing what we have - like  the computer, 
laundry, shower, a place to cook, and a place to sleep inside,  and Mary's 
and my great company LOL - we drive people to the  border (80 miles round 
trip) - we see people 2 times (unlike any other  angels)  - once when they get 
into town and we pick them up at the bus  station - if they get into town on 
the 9:30 AM bus we have them to the border  by 1:00 PM due to them getting 
everything packed up and showered after many  hours on the Greyhound bus 
(yuck) - if they get in on the 6:30 PM bus we eat  out, they shower and then 
spend the night with me getting them to the  border by 11:00 AM (I'm not a 
morning person) - and then we see them 2.5 - 4  days later heading north - some 
of the questions I have are: should I have a  set price for driving people 
to the border (the bus line mentioned here  only goes south 2 times a day - 
one early morning and one late afternoon) like  Sam Hughes does over in 
Hatchita? some of the hikers have suggested a  "donation" box in the bedroom - 
what do you think? I want your thoughts on  this since we are here to help YOU 
- I hate getting into the $$'s aspects of  all this but we are new angels - 
I don't want this to sound like I'm  complaining - I'm not - we really do 
enjoy meeting all of you and helping you  as much as we can - I want to help 
for years to come
our house is on the new trail maps - after you come  through the Florida Ga
p you get on hiway 143 heading straight north to hiway  549 turning left 
there - you head west (left) about 2.5 miles to our place -  if we're not home 
since we had something come up go back across the street to  the winery and 
call me at 494 - 4357 - the winery has agreed to let you use  the phone to 
call me - enjoy some samples of wine while you're there - they  just came in 
1st place against 4000 other entries in an international  competition - the 
old way was to go down rockhound road to country club road  and into town 
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels Columbus route 
Deming, NM

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