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I have finally compiled about a dozen cases where the Lay 2009 red line is not what I found.  You will need the maps in front of you to understand any of these comments.  Although the changes are ordered for sobos, I described them from my nobo hike.  


Sorry this is so late, now I've got to write my Christmas cards.




Biggest Changes:  Map  / Note Number  / Description  
MT38                                  3.  I was told there was a hidden water faucet/pump beyond the toilet.  I didn’t see it.  The stream 0.4 mile to the north had water in 2008 but was just below an active mining area.  The trail is dry north of here.    The newest trail is 8.3 miles SOUTH of 3.  You should still enjoy it.  
MT64                                  2.  New highly recommended reroute north of 2.  I did not take good notes but I’m pretty sure it goes:  Take trail north-west from 2.   About 1 mile north, the trail goes west and then south-south-west to a saddle.  The new trail goes due south for about a mile to the pass (at the star) north of Red Conglomerate Mountain .  Worth the extra distance.  
MT70                                  9.  And 6 The new official trail now misses Blair lake.  From the “4.5” at the west edge of the map, the new trail contours  south of divide and climbs to the divide just east of Blair Lake.   It then goes north to the red line and down switch backs to the Macks Inn cut-off.  You can take the old trail to Blair lake or the official trail crosses the stream that is the outlet of Blair Lake, as shown.  
WY09                  5. and south to field with “3.8” label.  While faint in the meadow, there is a good trail from the saddle NW of the “3.8” label.  It comes out at the SW corner of the Squaw Basin meadow, and then an unmapped jeep trail leads north to the bend in the JEEP TRAIL at the “w” in Squaw.  Take this to 5. (or north to road, west on road to Togowtee Lodge, and north to the Buffalo River bridge alternative on WY07.    Misses some nice terrain and saves miles.)   
CO11                   1.  Yes, ridiculous, but along the rocky steep lake is another Ley shortcut.  i.e. slow.  North of 1. when the trail gets up to the top of Knight Ridge, it goes south of the little lake (which is mainly swamp).  You will the get to beetle damaged forest, and have to be careful to pick up the trail around blowdowns.  (half way between 1 and 2)        
CO46                   1.  Between here and Cumbres Pass there is a detour due to logging.  I got lost in 2008 in the logging.  Recommend following the old Continental divide trail/detour.  There may be some 4 wheel drive traffic on the detour.  It will not take much flagging to reopen the old trail, so ask for local conditions.   
NM10                 4.  (esp nobo) Take the middle alternative.   The red route crosses private property before joining the north end of this alternative.  (SB. You will not be tempted to take the red route.)  The north alternative may save you 10 minutes, but you will want to stop for the night at Circle A.  
NM39a               5.  SB:  See NM39b comment  (staked to Lordsburg)
NM39b              *Take purple alternative north of town.  After fork in the road, 2 miles out, there is a new well signed route without a footbed all the way to NM39a #5.  Change red route to purple route.   We picked it up by accident after pipeline crossing.  
NM39c               (for sobos) see NM39d  
NM39d              4.    (for nobo’s) Well south of Derrick/Windmill, go right along fence, then Start a long well signed x-c route nobo to Lordsburg.  Route comes out to Route 434 near the base of the water tank hill a mile south of Lordsburg.  
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