[Cdt-l] Experience with Llamas

Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Tue Apr 28 13:56:57 CDT 2009

While I don't have any direct experience with llama-packing, from the 
people I've talked to and stories I've heard, it seems to me that there 
is a great deal of variation in the temperament & training from one 
llama to the next -- i.e. all llamas & outfitters are not created 
equally. I talked to one llama packing outfitter, and they only used 
less than half of their total herd for pack animals (perhaps even fewer 
if I remember correctly). This particular outfitter was pretty reputable 
and experienced. They said that some of the llamas that weren't used 
would do things like just "sit down" when they felt like they had enough 
walking, or be aggressive (sometimes only to the other llamas). But, the 
good ones, were just great; they said there was really nothing to learn 
-- you just start walking and they follow along... Anyway, my 2 cents 
would just be to get the llama from someone you trust, or has good 
references, etc. Also, you might consider structuring your trip so that 
you're not too far from a "bail point" after your first couple days, so 
if things aren't going well, it's easier to adjust...


Karen Somers wrote:
> Have any of you on this forum ever had experience taking llamas on the 
> CDT?  I am looking to "rent" a few llamas in Montana this summer.  I 
> have absolutely no experience with them (other than reading Cindy 
> Ross's book, "Scraping Heaven"). 
> Nocona
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