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Re: [Cdt-l] Big Sandy LodgeThat is my philosophy, too.  I love a down day along some nice stream away from town whenever possible.  I can clean, bathe, relax and then pack up the next day and continue on down the trail. Most food I have packed is for 15 days- but a real treat to just stay out that long.  
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  Why bother? Just stay out longer!  200+ mile resupply runs are not that long, and you'll be surprised at the difference. Pack weight isn't that much more and after a few days it levels off, especially if you have a light load to begin with. I'll be coming through Jackson to South Pass City. I'm not sure how far it is, but my estimates is 200-230 miles. Sure, 10 days of food weighs. But staying out that long is a treat, not a downside. I'm also planning on 200+ mile legs between Anaconda and Leadore and Salida to Pagosa Springs (though I'll hopefully be going through in late August and so avoid snow).


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    What a shame we were planning on spending a couple days there and now we'll have to take a 15 mile hitch to Pinedale. It's disappointing that one person can change the lives of all CDT thru-hikers to come. While I'm sure he doesn't get that much business from CDT thru-hikers(since there aren't that many of us) it's sad that he'll lose what business he did get from us especially in the current economic climate. I do understand why he made his decision though.
    Katie and Eric

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    Just talked to Tim at Big Sandy.  He asked that Big Sandy be removed from all books, 
    websites, etc with respect to CDT resupply.  It'll be removed from spiriteaglehome.com 
    So... those who are hiking this year should make alternate resupply plans for that section 
    of the trail.  Pinedale is a possible option, but be aware that there's a gas boom and motel 
    rooms  are likely to be in really short supply, so don't count on actually staying there.   


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