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Pat krozby at zoominternet.net
Thu Apr 30 14:28:51 CDT 2009

I never hiked the CDT but I have hiked the AT and PCT and its starting 
to look to me like this fellow, the Big Sandy, may have had an attitude 
to begin with. He may have invested big bucks thinking that hikers 
passing through would have plenty to spend, but found the reality is a 
lot of hikers just arent that well off financially.


Patricia Mazzolini wrote:
> I just got an email from Tim at Big Sandy Lodge. They will accept packages only if you are staying at the Lodge with an additional 25 dollar fee. So its still an option if you are willing to stay at the Lodge and pay the fee. It saddens me but does not surprise me that someone screwed it up for all the rest. It is one thing to be a trail angel where you feel the call and do it because you enjoy the sub-culture or want to give back all the kind acts you received on the trail. It baffles me why anyone would think a private business would want to provide a service and not make a reasonable profit for their effort-much less be directly violated for it. You want private enterprise to welcome hikers,much as many do hunters-and if you are going to use them for help then you need to pay for services. I realize some may not be just cheap or tight wads. Maybe you are young and broke-but then you should not be on such a tight schedule-hitch out and sleep in the
>  woods. This all becomes even more important as more people hike the CDT-treat others as you would like to be treated..plastic

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