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Let's not forget the Cirque of the towers route that is hard to catch if Big Sandy is in the agenda.  -Redbeard

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> Put me down in the "carry food longer" camp. I went from
> Dubois to South Pass City and it was
> an incredible way to experience the Winds and part of
> the Basin. When you are that long
> between towns, you really are immeresed in the widlerness.
> The trip become more intense,
> the trip is not just wildernes..it is wildness.
> >>He may have invested big bucks thinking that hikers
> >>passing through would have plenty to spend,
> Big Sandy really caters to equestrians, non-ld hikers and
> just people for a few days and wants to use the lodge as
> basecamp.
> Big Sandy really had nothing to gain by catering to
> thru-hikers. It was a courtesy to us. And one person ruined
> it.
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