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I did that in 2005 and am doing it again this summer. It is about 175 miles
and they are, for the most part, pretty easy. The route finding wasn¹t a big
issue and I made it to Lincoln in 7 days and a morning. I didn¹t see the
reason for a Benchmark stop, unless one was going into Helena (North or
South). Words and photos about the EG->Lincoln stretch can be found at:



On 4/30/09 1:24 PM, "Doug-Sue" <doug-sue71 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Personally, I don't see any reason why one can't make the trip between East
> Glacier and Lincoln in one trip and bypass Benchmark.  I wanted to do that
> but the hikers I was with at the time would not hear of it so I ended up
> spending one night at Benchmark.  Next time, if this cancer thing works out
> ok, I'm skipping Benchmark and just pushing on through.
> -Red Doug
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