[Cdt-l] Big Sandy Lodge

Rod Belshee rbelshee at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 30 20:49:39 CDT 2009

This was just the last straw in a series.

When I went through in 2007 I spent quite a while trying to repair the 
damage from some 2006 hikers when they berated him in front of his customers 
for the trail damage done by his horses.  He said he tried to move the 
discussion to the side and have a reasonable exchange (including how much 
trail maintenance is done by horsemen), but the hikers instead continued to 
berate him in front of his clients. He was irate and ready to cut off CDT 
hikers at that point. The 2008 hiker that broke into his cabin was the last 
straw of a series of hikers who were purely focused on their own agendas 
instead of the long term relationships we all rely on. Sigh.

That said, there are some really beautiful alternative routes that open up 
in the Winds by not diverting south to Big Sandy.


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> Just an FYI on Big Sandy Lodge, I e-mailed Tim at BSL regarding whether 
> they still accept packages for thru-hikers, and this is the response he 
> e-mailed to me:
> "Hi, Due to a break-in of my cabin for a hiker to get his package last 
> season,we won't be doing this service any longer, it will be removed from 
> the website.  Tim"
> So it doesn't look good folks :-(
> The Gimp

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