[Cdt-l] Lincoln MT- brian and martina update

Brian Dickson briansolar1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 3 18:14:18 CDT 2009

Hi folks,
brian and martina have now hiked down from Waterton to Lincoln. The scapegoat wilderness was a highlight with lots of views and ridge walking south to Rogers Pass. No bears spotted but a group of 25 mountain goats was seen on the Chinese Wall. 

Richard and Glen MacLeod are hiking south too and are a day ahead of us. We lost our maps from Benchmark to Rogers pass and hitched out from Benchmark down to Augusta to pick up new maps (and also have a clean up and rest!). I recommend Augusta as a nice compact stopover. The Mills Cafe is excellent.

SB, the trail climbing south out of Deerborn Creek is a bit tricky to find. Pay careful attention to Jonathan's map if you go out there- both of our groups messed around for about an hour looking for the trail. There are no signposts. My directions SB are: cross the Deerborn Creek going east and reach the river junction (i think its the Whitetail creek). Follow the good trail south up the west bank of the creek to the outfitters camp and 100yrds further to the old corral. Behind the corral a faint trail heads over the creek eastward then bends south and starts switchbacking uphill. This is the CDT.  

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