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Just a note regarding finding Latham Spring. It was running slowly in mid July and it was hard to find. Hint: my GPS coordinates were N 44.45959; W 111.14540. When going south, you are on road 066 (I think that is the number). You are going up hill. There is a bermed jeep road on the right - don't take it. Continue on 066 up around the curve to the flat section. As you walk, you will find some arrows pointing off to the right (unless someone got rid of them). They are pointing in the direction of the spring. If you reach the first berm, turn directly right. Walk to the start of the gully and go a little way down to find the spring. At the lowest end, you will find a pool of water, a little up under a large dead log, a pipe with water running out, and a little further up a buried barrel. It is the only water until Summit Lake going south and the creeks outside of Macks Inn going north. Almost everything around the spring looks dry, so it is hard to imagine that it is really there. No building; no jeep road going to it; etc. 

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