[Cdt-l] Complete Southbound CDT Preparations for Sale

Matthew Robison wolverine1970 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 23:31:00 CDT 2009

The time has come for me to abandon my hopes of hiking the CDT and to return
to New York City.  What this means is that about a year and a half of
planning a southbound hike along the CDT is for sale.  I have acquired and
organized everything a hiker needs to hike southbound from Waterton Lakes to
one of the three southern termini.  I have divided the entire CDT into 22
sections, each with Ley maps, summaries of the Wolf guidebooks, altitude
profiles, city/town/resupply information, and actual maps.  Each section has
been packaged in a one gallon zip lock bag---they are free-standing and are
ready to be put in a drift box.

My hope is that someone will use my work to have a magical trip while I
recoup some of the costs of preparing for the CDT.   I would prefer to sell
everything (one medium-sized box) to one person.  This includes:

- Garmin eTrex Vista HCx high-sensitivity GPS device with the entire CDT
programmed as routes in the Garmin MapSource program (Garmin Topo US-2008).
The CDT routes correspond to a synthesis of the Wolf Guides, the Wolf
Supplements (except the 2009 Northern Colorado Supplement), archives of the
CDTS newsletters, Ley maps, the Lonely Planet Hiking Guides (below), and
personal map study.
- Physical copies of the Wolf Guides, except the 2009 Northern Colorado
- My summaries of the Wolf Guides, including all supplements (except the
2009 Northern Colorado Supplement) and archives of the CDTS newsletters.  I
created summaries for most of Montana/Idaho, Wyoming and much of New
Mexico.  The Trails Illustrated maps are good enough; I didn’t think much of
Colorado needed the Wolf Summaries.
- Alternate routes in central Colorado for a hiker who prefers to bag 14ers
instead of following the CDT.
- Color copies of Jonathan Ley’s maps from 2008, updated to include the
information as of 2009 on 8.5”x11” paper.  The copies are only on one side
so that, if you wish, you can keep a journal on the other side.
- The start/end points of each section outlined in the Wolf guides is marked
with a blue highlighter.
- Each Ley map references a Wolf Section by writing in blue ink.
- Each Ley map references a particular map (say, Trails Illustrated, Forest
Service, BLM, etc.) by writing in green ink.
- Color altitude profiles were created with the Garmin MapSource program.
Distances were calculated between high points (to estimate distances) and
low points (to plan one’s day around avoiding afternoon thunderstorms)
- Copies of the relevant information from Yogi’s Guides in 2007, which I
personally updated (all except New Mexico) as of June 2009 to confirm
locations and hours of post offices, campgrounds, and some grocery stores.
City information also includes data from the Colorado Trail Guidebook and
personal research.  I am including physical copies of Yogi’s Town Guide
(2007) and Yogi’s Planning Guide (2007).
- A total of 51 maps, a combination of Trails Illustrated, National Forest,
BLM, Earthwalk Press, and others.  Most (say ~ 95%) maps have the CDT route
marked, along with a reference to the section that corresponds to the Wolf
- Black and white copies of the Delorme maps, with the continental divide
highlighted and notable cities circled in red ink.
- Files summarizing the key information for a hiker to prepare for the CDT
- General hiking tips
- Planning resources (route planning, mental preparation, physical
- Wilderness navigation (using a map and compass; UTM coordinates)
- Public transportation (Greyhound, Amtrak, and other bus lines)
- Wilderness medicine (pocket book)
- Backcountry food preparations (both for cooked and dehydrated food)
- A digital scale
- A map wheel
- Benchmark Maps Road and Recreation Atlases (similar to, but in my opinion
better than, Delorme maps) for:
- Colorado
- Wyoming
- New Mexico.
- Physical copies of all four of the Continental Divide Trail Alliance
Guidebooks: Montana & Idaho; WY; CO; NM.
- “Colorado’s Fourteeners” by Gerry Roach.
- There are 30+ smaller items (such as a used but perfectly functioning
aloksak food bags, duct tape, Aqua Mira, bug spray, bear bagging rope, space
blanket, blaze orange backpack cover, 1L platapus water container, etc.)
that I’d be happy to include with everything else.  Please email me.

- Other items:
o “Animal Tracks of the Rockies” by Ian Sheldon
o The Lonely Planet Guide to “Hiking in the Rocky Mountains” (2002)
o Pocket guide to “The Night Sky: An Introduction to Prominent Stars and
Constellations” (2001).
o Pocket guide to “Wilderness Survival: How to Stay Alive in the Wilderness”
o “Don’t Forget the Duct Tape: Tips and Tricks for Repairing Outdoor Gear”
by Kristin Hostetter.
o “The Colorado Trail: The Official Guidebook of the Colorado Trail
Foundation” (2006)
o “Best Loop Hikes: Colorado” by Steve Johnson & David Weinstein
o A Suunto A-10 compass and users guide.
o “Sewing for Dummies”
o “Beyond Backpacking” by Ray Jardine.
o “Lightweight Backpacking” edited by Ryan Jordan
o The Lonely Planet Guide to “Hiking in the USA” (2000)
o “Backpacking Basics” by Thomas Winnett

Total Cost: $750 + shipping (obo)

Although this seems like a lot, a quick calculation of the retail prices of
the above items approaches $1500.  Plus, having the entire CDT already
programmed into a capable, high-resolution GPS device saves dozens, maybe
hundreds, of hours.   Finally, everything is organized by section and ready
to go—95% of the preparation work has been done!

If you are interested and would like a detailed list of what is included,
please email me at wolverine1970 at gmail.com  I have created a 7-page list of
exactly which Ley Maps, Wolf Summaries, physical maps, altitude profiles,
and city/resupply information corresponds to each section.  I will also
provide a list of the “smaller” items that don’t make sense to sell
individually, so I’m happy to throw them in at no extra cost.

My current plans are to move to NYC in late August or early September.  If
you are on the East Coast, I would be happy to move it with all my other
stuff, then mail it to you from NYC, to reduce the cost of shipping.

Honestly, I’m bummed that the Universe frowned on my attempt to hike the
CDT.  My hope is that someone else will have a rock’in experience and make
all the time that I invested into this trip worthwhile.

Until later,

Wolverine (Matthew Robison)
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