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I know what a bummer it must be you had to give up your hike.  That's 
certainly a lot of work you put into planning.  It's very fairly priced 
and would save someone hours from compiling it themselves.  Hopefully, 
you'll get a taker.

Best of luck in NY,


Matthew Robison wrote:
> The time has come for me to abandon my hopes of hiking the CDT and to 
> return to New York City.  What this means is that about a year and a 
> half of planning a southbound hike along the CDT is for sale.  I have 
> acquired and organized everything a hiker needs to hike southbound 
> from Waterton Lakes to one of the three southern termini.  I have 
> divided the entire CDT into 22 sections, each with Ley maps, summaries 
> of the Wolf guidebooks, altitude profiles, city/town/resupply 
> information, and actual maps.  Each section has been packaged in a one 
> gallon zip lock bag---they are free-standing and are ready to be put 
> in a drift box. 
> My hope is that someone will use my work to have a magical trip while 
> I recoup some of the costs of preparing for the CDT.   I would prefer 
> to sell everything (one medium-sized box) to one person.  This includes:
> - Garmin eTrex Vista HCx high-sensitivity GPS device with the entire 
> CDT programmed as routes in the Garmin MapSource program (Garmin Topo 
> US-2008).  The CDT routes correspond to a synthesis of the Wolf 
> Guides, the Wolf Supplements (except the 2009 Northern Colorado 
> Supplement), archives of the CDTS newsletters, Ley maps, the Lonely 
> Planet Hiking Guides (below), and personal map study.
> - Physical copies of the Wolf Guides, except the 2009 Northern 
> Colorado Supplement.
> - My summaries of the Wolf Guides, including all supplements (except 
> the 2009 Northern Colorado Supplement) and archives of the CDTS 
> newsletters.  I created summaries for most of Montana/Idaho, Wyoming 
> and much of New Mexico.  The Trails Illustrated maps are good enough; 
> I didn’t think much of Colorado needed the Wolf Summaries.
> - Alternate routes in central Colorado for a hiker who prefers to bag 
> 14ers instead of following the CDT.
> - Color copies of Jonathan Ley’s maps from 2008, updated to include 
> the information as of 2009 on 8.5”x11” paper.  The copies are only on 
> one side so that, if you wish, you can keep a journal on the other side.
> - The start/end points of each section outlined in the Wolf guides is 
> marked with a blue highlighter.
> - Each Ley map references a Wolf Section by writing in blue ink.
> - Each Ley map references a particular map (say, Trails Illustrated, 
> Forest Service, BLM, etc.) by writing in green ink.
> - Color altitude profiles were created with the Garmin MapSource 
> program.  Distances were calculated between high points (to estimate 
> distances) and low points (to plan one’s day around avoiding afternoon 
> thunderstorms)
> - Copies of the relevant information from Yogi’s Guides in 2007, which 
> I personally updated (all except New Mexico) as of June 2009 to 
> confirm locations and hours of post offices, campgrounds, and some 
> grocery stores.  City information also includes data from the Colorado 
> Trail Guidebook and personal research.  I am including physical copies 
> of Yogi’s Town Guide (2007) and Yogi’s Planning Guide (2007).
> - A total of 51 maps, a combination of Trails Illustrated, National 
> Forest, BLM, Earthwalk Press, and others.  Most (say ~ 95%) maps have 
> the CDT route marked, along with a reference to the section that 
> corresponds to the Wolf Guides.
> - Black and white copies of the Delorme maps, with the continental 
> divide highlighted and notable cities circled in red ink.
> - Files summarizing the key information for a hiker to prepare for the 
> CDT including:
> - General hiking tips
> - Planning resources (route planning, mental preparation, physical 
> preparation)
> - Wilderness navigation (using a map and compass; UTM coordinates)
> - Public transportation (Greyhound, Amtrak, and other bus lines)
> - Wilderness medicine (pocket book)
> - Backcountry food preparations (both for cooked and dehydrated food)
> - A digital scale
> - A map wheel
> - Benchmark Maps Road and Recreation Atlases (similar to, but in my 
> opinion better than, Delorme maps) for:
> - Colorado
> - Wyoming
> - New Mexico.
> - Physical copies of all four of the Continental Divide Trail Alliance 
> Guidebooks: Montana & Idaho; WY; CO; NM. 
> - “Colorado’s Fourteeners” by Gerry Roach.
> - There are 30+ smaller items (such as a used but perfectly 
> functioning aloksak food bags, duct tape, Aqua Mira, bug spray, bear 
> bagging rope, space blanket, blaze orange backpack cover, 1L platapus 
> water container, etc.) that I’d be happy to include with everything 
> else.  Please email me.
> - Other items:
> o “Animal Tracks of the Rockies” by Ian Sheldon
> o The Lonely Planet Guide to “Hiking in the Rocky Mountains” (2002)
> o Pocket guide to “The Night Sky: An Introduction to Prominent Stars 
> and Constellations” (2001).
> o Pocket guide to “Wilderness Survival: How to Stay Alive in the 
> Wilderness” (2001).
> o “Don’t Forget the Duct Tape: Tips and Tricks for Repairing Outdoor 
> Gear” by Kristin Hostetter.
> o “The Colorado Trail: The Official Guidebook of the Colorado Trail 
> Foundation” (2006)
> o “Best Loop Hikes: Colorado” by Steve Johnson & David Weinstein
> o A Suunto A-10 compass and users guide.
> o “Sewing for Dummies”
> o “Beyond Backpacking” by Ray Jardine.
> o “Lightweight Backpacking” edited by Ryan Jordan
> o The Lonely Planet Guide to “Hiking in the USA” (2000)
> o “Backpacking Basics” by Thomas Winnett
> Total Cost: $750 + shipping (obo)
> Although this seems like a lot, a quick calculation of the retail 
> prices of the above items approaches $1500.  Plus, having the entire 
> CDT already programmed into a capable, high-resolution GPS device 
> saves dozens, maybe hundreds, of hours.   Finally, everything is 
> organized by section and ready to go—95% of the preparation work has 
> been done!
> If you are interested and would like a detailed list of what is 
> included, please email me at wolverine1970 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:wolverine1970 at gmail.com>  I have created a 7-page list of 
> exactly which Ley Maps, Wolf Summaries, physical maps, altitude 
> profiles, and city/resupply information corresponds to each section.  
> I will also provide a list of the “smaller” items that don’t make 
> sense to sell individually, so I’m happy to throw them in at no extra 
> cost. 
> My current plans are to move to NYC in late August or early 
> September.  If you are on the East Coast, I would be happy to move it 
> with all my other stuff, then mail it to you from NYC, to reduce the 
> cost of shipping. 
> Honestly, I’m bummed that the Universe frowned on my attempt to hike 
> the CDT.  My hope is that someone else will have a rock’in experience 
> and make all the time that I invested into this trip worthwhile.
> Until later,
> Wolverine (Matthew Robison)
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