[Cdt-l] San Gabriel is almost to Canada

Dave and Cindy hikeon at surewest.net
Thu Aug 27 15:59:35 CDT 2009

Just an update for anyone who cares.  San Gabriel is on his way to completing the CDT and by no means was it an easy task.  As many of you might know this year was full of rain and snow and many challenges just to dodge the lightening storms.  
Being good friends with San Gabe after meeting him last year on our PCT thru hike we just want to say that we are very proud of him and amazed that in this journey he has only missed 16 Paved miles of the entire trail. 
He has taken most of the high routes which have been known to be difficult especially this year.  This to us is remarkable after what we have read and seen him accomplish throughout the months monitoring his journal. He always has had a great attitude every time we speak to him on the phone and seems grateful to be out there no matter what the situation brings his way.  These are the attributes that probably have contributed to his success.

Good luck to all the other CDT hikers out there this year,  We know a few of you and wish you all the best.

CDT hopefuls, someday!
Tarzan and Zelda
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