[Cdt-l] GPS and Maps (howzit done?)

Frank Gilliland frankgilliland at comcast.net
Thu Dec 10 10:00:44 CST 2009

Hey Jack.....way to get a Thread going!
	(I will add some more comments below)


Thanks for the helpful advice ya'll. To summarize some of what I've learned:

- The Garmin Colorado/Oregon GPS have added value as they include 100k maps at no extra charge. 
	(plus a better screen and user interface)

- Everyone that commented had used 100k maps, no one had used 24k maps. 
	(the 24k are fairly new and the topo 2008 has been the standard)

- Don't buy the preloaded microSD cards. Buying the CD and loading your own cards means you have a backup for the maps if you loose/damage the microSD card. 
	(plus you can use the extra space on the micro SD for POI points (POI points are waypoints converted to POI file, you can save and view thousands of POI points)

	(and having the DVD version allows you to view your data on a PC or Mac)

- Out of Order's track file of the CDT is great, and can be sent to you by email from people on the list.

(Please send me any other format of any kind of track files or waypoint files.  I am working on a track and way point Library to distribute to any and all.  I have Triple o's data and I will compare to my on files....Will report back soon)

- There are free 24k maps available from 
 	( interesting site.  I will be playing with their map sets and comment later!)

Some further questions....

- Really? Everyone uses 100k maps? It seems like the 24k maps would be SO much better. 
	(Still real new)

- Anyone have comments on the 24k maps from miscjunk.org ?
	(will look at real soon)

- Can anyone tell me more about Out of Orders track log? How come it's not available online?
	(I am reviewing it now and will comment on it later)

I haven't read Yogi's comments on GPS as I'm waiting for her to update the guide. But I'm buying my GPS before I buy the guide. Anything in there that is important to know?
	(As of the last update, the listing was for the older TOPO files)

At the moment, the options are looking like:

- Colorado 400t is $300 on ebay, and I'll just use the preloaded maps. 
- The Legend and Vista end up being ~50-80 cheaper after I buy the 100k maps. 

	(The main thing is to get a GPS and LEARN how it works and how to work the files.  The main thing to know is how to load and use track files, waypoints, maps, and POI points)

    - jack

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