[Cdt-l] Nobo use of Wolf Guides

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On our first thruhike, I rewrote the guides for a northbound hike - but then we ended up going south after all.  On our second hike I just used the JW guides, even though we were going north.  For me, it wasn't a problem.  Some people are good at translating guidebooks to the ground, others aren't.  I love guidebooks.  My husband loves maps.  Together, we do just fine.  One thing with the JW books - in some areas you need both the original book and the addendum.  Don't carry just one or the other - you need both.  It is more work - but worth it in the end.  I crossed out the sections in the book that had become obsolete so I wouldn't confuse the two. 





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> This question is for all the nobo's who used the Wolf guides. I've got 
> Wolf's guides and am planning a nobo hike. For the states that the 
> guides are sobo-only, how much use were they. Did you consult them all 
> the time or did you use them only for planning?
> Also, has anyone tried to rewrite the Wolf guides in nobo order for 
> his/her hike?
> Handlebar
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