[Cdt-l] Okay, trite question - Miles Per Day?

Jack Haskel norcalhiker at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 03:08:38 CST 2009


I love the honesty of your response. Regardless of what has been done, do what you believe you can. Your milage sounds reasonable for someone who is "pushing it". Enjoy it! Are you hiking in 2010? Why SOBO?


On Dec 12, 2009, at 9:54 PM, Patrick Beggan wrote:

> I had a feeling this would be the sort of information I received. Hard to predict. I'm not terribly concerned about it but I was hoping to be able to finish, southbound with a June 15thish start, by mid October. I'm basically just looking for information that builds my confidence in a finish date in that range. I don't really require it, but it'd be ideal.
> Thanks again!
> On Dec 12, 2009, at 8:37 PM, Jonathan Ley wrote:
>> I did about the same miles per day on the PCT vs. CDT for an "average", but it varied on the CDT a lot more. The CDT has more extremes - there's more steep tread, more high-elevation, more loose/overgrown/disappearing tread, but more forest roads, and more flat stuff too. The PCT is just more consistent with respect to trail grade and tread. ymmv, of course :-)
>> Patrick Beggan wrote:
>>> I know this has probably been done to death, but I'm looking on a miles per day for the average CDT (that is to say, not the great basin, and not glacier NP with snow, etc. -- the usual I could expect from the summer months for the majority of the trail). 
>>> I understand miles change with terrain (I've hiked the PCT twice) so I know it's impossible to give an answer for 100% of the trail. I'm just looking for something I can do math from.
>>> On the PCT I do 30s pretty solidly every day, 19-20s in the Sierras (with an early june entry) with the occasional 40+ in there when I'm really hungry and hauling. I finished in four months on the PCT, with 18 zeros.
>>> Anyway, any information from other fast-ish hikers would be appreciated. I recognize the increased navigational difficulties on the CDT and that can throw you for a loop, etc, etc.
>>> Joker
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