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Yup, the Columbus/Wolf route is poorly marked. When I hiked it northbound in
2008, the first marker I saw was ~60 miles in where someone had scratched
CDT in the dirt next to their footprints. The first trail sign and the first
CDT marker came a hundred miles later in the Gila. I think that the
early sections without trail and signage were great though. It was
exhilarating to navigate with just a map, compass and the open horizon.

Most of the Columbus/Wolf route is on dirt roads though so navigation is
usually easy. Have a good trip.


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> There are not a lot of signs in New Mexico.  The Wolf route has none, since
> it is not the official route.  Out of the Gila, you will find a few signs in
> the wilderness, but they are not CDT emblems.  There are a few recently
> constructed and blazed trails in New Mexico, which was a pleasant surprise
> for me.  However, I would not recommend taking any of the new paths around
> Mt. Taylor, since they are waterless.  What you experienced in Colorado,
> Wyoming, and Montana-Idaho, you will experience in New Mexico.
> Peace,
> Freefall
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