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Thu Dec 17 07:28:18 CST 2009

Okay, Jonathan tells me that flip-flops get your feet wet and get torn off in moving water ;).  Now are there any short folks out there &/or women out there on this list who can tell me of their experiences?  :-D.  My original plans were to do a sobo trip.  I'm not afraid of getting my feet wet.  But carrying 30+ lbs on my back up to my chest is something I would be concerned about in running and cold waters.  If I can still plan this, that would be great.  If I can do enough exploring to find shallower areas, that would be terrific.  I've read journal upon journal.  Mostly I've read journals from guys who are 5'7" or more.  My son, who will be walking with me is about 5'11".  But still, a crossing for a 5'7" person puts the water they experienced at waist up to my armpits.  I'm short but strong.  I was a water safety instructor years and years ago, so I do have a healthy respect for water.  I take risks, but I'm not going to take a risk that is life
 threatening.  I've been in fast moving flood waters up to my knees and using a pole, that might not have been so unnerving.  I didn't have a pole since I was just on my way to my car at the time, lol.  And?  I was flat out ignorant at the time.  But that gush of water gave me a quick education!

I've read about creek crossing techniques, however reading is no substitute for experience. Hmmmm.

Ideas?  Help?

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