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Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 24 10:17:35 CST 2009

First..are we talking about the CDT..or the Rockies in general? (And NOT the Sierra! :D)

The OP specifically mentioned winter backpacking on a CDT list..I am assuming winter?

Unless you enjoy avalanche conditions, winter backpacking on parts of the CDT corridor are...problematic. :D

>>"I'd also just add that "kicking and gliding" on skis
>>across untracked snow of any real depth isn't much more efficient than
>>snowshoeing, time-wise or in terms of energy expenditure."

Said like a person who does not know how to backcountry ski. :D

I've snowshowed with a heavy pack.  I've skied with a heavy (and light) pack.

Skiing is much easier and more efficient in winter overall. Trust me!

Yes..learning to ski is a steeper learning curve. But once you know how to ski, you'll never plod with snowshoes

Interesting reading as to what works better in a variety on condtions
: http://www.justgetout.net/Wenatchee/14711

And something from my own experience:

Again, what conditions are we talking about? Shoulder season and occasional snow? Or true winter conditions?

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