[Cdt-l] Snowshoes

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 24 19:26:24 CST 2009

>>>The OP requested info on snowshoes. As a bumbling idiot of a would-be
>bc skier, I'm not qualified to go off-topic (or off piste) with >.Mags. 

Just giving another option that may be better for the Rockies.  :)
And, I actually do backcountry winter activities so I may have a bit more of a knowledge base.  ;-P

Just remember, if yo do go for the snow-plodders, er snowshoes,  for winter backpacking, the  8x25 standard size may be
too small for you if you are more than about 180 lbs or so (INCLUDING the pack weight) and/or going in deep and heavy powder
conditions.  The 8x25 generally work well for packed down trails and light packs (light people!), not so well in the
deep "fluffy" powder typically found in the Rockies..again, esp combined with a winter pack.

Depending on the combined total of your  body weight, pack, and snow conditions, you may have to opt for larger (and heavier!)
9x30 snowshoes. Again, this is for the fluffy powder found in the Rockies. If you snowshoe in more compact
snow or stick to packed down trails, you may be able to get away with smaller snowshoes for backpacking.
If you are really big guy with a heavy pack in fluffy powder, there are even 10x36 snowshoes.. (ouch!)

>>Seriously, though, how about a pulk for the roast... at least?  ;)

Never been on a single track trail in winter with much elev gain...'eh? :)

The roast was hauled in my friends 40th B-day. I suspect she is also cuter than  you or  I for that matter, too. ;)

I love to lightweight backpack...but I love also love to haul in wine, good food and sharing it with friends when the 
conditions warrant.

Speaking of which, my Italian gravy is almost ready...

Merry Chrismahanakwanzakah!

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