[Cdt-l] CDT 2009 or PCT 2009?

Patrick meta474 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 16:31:52 CST 2009

Hey guys. I've been on this listserv since 2007 when I did a 200 mile  
section of the CDT. Last year (2008) I thru-hiked the PCT successfully  
and this year I want to hike again, but I can't decide which trail. I  
have a few special conditions that make it a tough decision.

I originally was just going to hike the PCT again. I know that trail  
well now, I know what it would cost, I know when  is perfect for me to  
start and I know lots of other people do it so I wouldn't have to  
worry about meeting anyone to keep the loneliness away. I also,  
however, have already hiked it.

Then a few of my PCT 2008 buddies tried to talk me into the CDT. They  
brought made a good case, really, simply by passing me some resupply  
tables and just committing to doing it themselves. I had originally  
ruled out the CDT because I didn't think I could do it without having  
a resupply person sending me boxes to half the places on the trail,  
but Yogi's guide makes it seem as if you could do as I did on the PCT  
-- send boxes to yourself at the places you need boxes from earlier  
towns. So that eliminates my one major issue and opens up the CDT for  
possibility. I then didn't want to wait until June (not really  
interested in a northbound CDT hike, at least not in entirety), but a  
friend recommended starting northbound around May 1st, hiking New  
Mexico, then flipping up to Glacier in mid-June to finish the rest  
southbound and that sounded like a great idea to me. So there goes my  
second big issue.

So basically, it comes down to this for me: Is the CDT fun at all for  
someone who doesn't mind being alone for periods of time but prefers  
to hike on and off with other people? Will there be at least a minimum  
of other thru-hikers to mix things up when the going gets lonely?  
Don't get me wrong, I'm not requiring that I hike with someone the  
whole way -- I did Paradise Cafe to Idyllwild, Ashland to Crater Lake,  
Cascade Locks to Whites Pass and Stehekin to the border and then back  
to Hart's pass all alone on the PCT and was okay with it, although it  
was a bit lonely. I'm just wondering if I'll be spending, say, week  
after week alone if I don't start out with another thru-hiker.

And would any previous thru-hikers recommend the CDT to someone on a  
budget of about $4400, looking to complete a full thru-hike?

Anyway, any decision-making info at all is welcome, I'm so torn!

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